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  Daegu Dukin Elementary School, a happy and vibrant community, was established in 1989. Our school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, a safe and nature-friendly atmosphere, with a strong commitment to supporting all children to succeed regardless of their background or abilities. We recognize every student as an individual and aim for all to reach their potential.

  Our mission is to allow learners to become engaged, socially responsible individuals with an understanding of the local and global community. In line with the school mission at DDES, we strive to provide opportunities for students to be involved in authentic learning and experiences. This is highlighted by the importance we place on student action. Students at DDES take action with what they’ve learned and use it to improve both their lives and those of others.

  Students, parents, faculty, and local communities are striving to realize a happy education based on communication and cooperation. We look forward to assisting you in learning more about our school and hope to welcome you into our DDES community.
Thank you.
                                                             Faculty and Staff of DDES


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